I really want a dog, but someone in the family is allergic to them.

Not all dogs, regardless of the breed, are hypo-allergenic. We will work with you to test and then select a hypo-allergenic dog that can be trained to meet your needs.


We have other pets. Can we still have a service dog?

The best recipe for success is a home that does not currently have other pets. However, we evaluate each situation individually and make recommendations accordingly.



Can you train my dog to be my service dog?

Yes, your current dog may be eligible to train to be a service dog. However, success is often limited since your pet was not bred, raised, or chosen for this life-saving work.

Our dogs have more than ten generations of service dogs preceding them. They have been specifically bred for characteristics consistent with the needs of a service dog—physical soundness, work ethic, eagerness to please, and scenting ability.

What kind of training do I receive for successfully working with my new service dog?

We realize you probably have never had a service dog. It is our job to help prepare you for this responsibility. Continuous training is required to develop and maintain the proficiency of the Service Dog’s ability to alert to changes in blood sugar conditions as well as achieve the desired behavior for passing the Public Access Test.

Prior to your dog coming to your home permanently, we will provide you with training on how to handle your dog at our location and then in your home. This intensive time will include building the relationship between the handler and the dog, basic obedience, how to behave in public with your service dog, quality pet care, and other information to ensure you are a confident team.


How do I transport my pup across the country?

Our main form of transportation for a Duty Dogs pup is to fly them using United Petsafe.  We have never had any issues with them, and they always have the dog's best interest in mind. Using this method, the pup will fly in a plastic dog crate in the cargo area of a passenger airplane.

We also have had clients fly into Cody WY, pick up the dog, and then fly back home with the pup as a carry on.


What about after I get my dog?

Relationships are very important to us. We are invested in the lives of our dogs and the people they serve. A six-month in-home follow-up will be scheduled following your service dog entering your home. This is to assess the relationship between you and your service dog and to help with any training issues that may arise during the adjustment period. We are here to serve you for the life of your service dog relationship.

Is there any place I shouldn’t take my service dog?

Yes. Rock concerts, the zoo, and dog parks.



Diabetes Alert Dog specific questions
Who needs a dog?

According to the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 25.8 million Americans, or 8.3 percent of the population, have diabetes. Of that number, five percent have Type 1 diabetes — the most severe kind. Those who have had the disease for decades can develop “hypoglycemia unawareness,” or the inability to tell when their blood sugar is rapidly dropping. The lives of diabetics with hypoglycemic unawareness can be dramatically changed by a Diabetes Alert Dog.

Children with Type 1 can also benefit from a DAD. Parents of a child too young to communicate can be alerted BEFORE the blood sugar gets dangerously low. Oft times, children are so busy being children, that they don’t notice or associate the “yucky” feeling that low blood sugar produces until they’re VERY low. Once again, a DAD can alert the handler (parent or child) before the episode gets out of control.

We will meet with you during our initial interview to determine if a DAD would work in your situation.


Do I still need a meter?

Of course! A Service Dog never replaces any medical protocols you are already practicing. They are simply a supplemental measure to aid in the detection of Blood Sugar Conditions. A DAD works in conjunction with your meter, pump, and/or CGM to help you manage your diabetes. A well-trained DAD will KEEP alerting you until you correct your low blood sugar, AND. . .there are no batteries to charge!

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