All the dogs we train and place as service dogs come from our very own kennels in beautiful, rural, Cody Wyoming.  In pursuing a quality training program, we have set for ourselves a limit as to how many dogs we can train at one time.  As a result of this decision, we sell our "extra" pups at eight weeks.  We have two to four litters a year, producing chocolates, yellows, and blacks.  Our breeding stock is premium quality out of Chilbrook Kennels in West Virginia.  They have been specifically bred towards a service dog temperament.  Service dogs must be settled, yet attentive at the same time. They must have the ability to learn self control, and have what we call an "off switch", meaning, they need to be able to settle when asked.  For instance, a service dog from our program must be able to stay under the table at a restaurant for an extended period of time without being a distraction.  They also come from fantastic show and hunt lines and excel at any job you put them to.

All of our breeding stock is genetically tested for PRA, EIC, CNM, and RD/OSD.  We will replace or offer you a refund, at our discretion, if one of our pups is diagnosed with hip or elbow dysplasia prior to 18 months of age.

All of this breeding history creates fantastic pups! Please contact us for more information or go here to see what dogs we have available.

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